Online lessons are the new frontier in distance learning. Don’t have a teacher where you live? No problem!

We’ve had the good fortune to work with many of the most famous artists in tango in person. But sometimes time runs out and we have to move on to the next gig. What then? We stay in touch via Skype. Whether for questions, advice or instruction, we’ve found Skype to be an amazing tool that allows us to continue our growth as musicians. There are some limits though; you can’t play music with someone else due to the time delay. Other than for ensemble work, playing together is not really necessary. We have even coached ensembles via Skype and been shocked at how well it works. Smaller children benefit from supervision and some guidance, but even for them Skype can be an amazingly powerful tool for improving their technique, musicianship and performance skills.

What’s required to access online lessons? You’ll need an internet connection, a device that allows you to access to Skype or FaceTime and that’s about it.

Then you just need to contact a teacher. Read about our teachers and email us below to set up a lesson with the teacher you’d like to work with.


Tango: Bandoneon and Piano Lessons

Yukie Kawanami began her piano studies as a child and completed her Bachelors in Piano Performance at Tokyo University in 2002. She began playing bandoneon during her university studies and since then has won multiple competitions and performed throughout the world as both a pianist and bandoneonista.


Piano Lessons

Born in Russia, Natalia Tikhovidova has multiple masters degrees in Piano Pedagogy and Piano Performance.

She maintains a large studio of adult and youth piano students in Albuquerque NM and is also available for lessons via Skype. She is the pianist for the large orchestra ensembles of our annual Qtango-Fest.

“I believe that good technique is about freedom: the freedom to express what you feel. Touch the keys like old friends and they will sing for you.”


Violin, Piano, Composition and Arranging

Olga Tikhovidova has been teaching music most of her life. With Masters and Bachelors degrees in Ethnomusicology, Piano Pedagogy and Violin performance, she has students throughout the world of all ages who’ve performed at all levels in all styles.

“I can travel the world just performing, but I prefer to continue teaching full time because of the joy it brings me and the students I teach. Music is the universal language that has taken me to Europe, the U.S., Canada and Japan. Wherever we travel, we perform and we teach because I know that every lesson opens the world a little more for every one we meet.”

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