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Here are some of the places we're playing in the next few months:

Jan 26 8pm-12am Concert and Milonga, NMSM 136-J Washington SE ABQ NM 

Jan 28 3pm Placitas Chamber Series

Jan 29 NMTECH Presidential Chamber Music Series Socorro NM 7pm

Jan 30 WNMU Chamber Series, Silver City NM 7pm

Feb 9 Flagstaff AZ Milonga 8pm-?

Feb 10 Green Valley AZ Milonga 6:30pm-10:30pm

Feb 11 Las Cruces NM Tango Class and Milonga 5pm - 9pm


Music Requests

Several people have asked if we can play a certain song for them.  We would love to do that! 

Unfotunately, there isn’t always an arrangement to be found and that means a lot of work putting together at least 4 parts (bandoneon, piano, violin and double bass).    Ideally we would then expand that to the full orchestra.

Just how much work is that?  Well, we pay a good transcriber $100 for every minute of music they transcribe for us.  Luckily, most tango tunes are right around 3 mins.  So that tune you want us to play no one has bothered to transcribe yet?  About $300 for the arrangement.  

Would you like to pick a song and pay for it to be added to our repertoire?   There are a couple of ways to do that. 

  1. Some transcribers and arrangers already have pieces they've completed they sell for as little as $50.
  2. We can hire someone to do the transcriptions, though if several pieces are requested we can probably get a break on the per minute price.
  3. Send us an email with the song you're interested in having us play and we'll get back to you about the cost.


From recording to sheet music, there's still no substitute for the human ear.

From recording to sheet music, there's still no substitute for the human ear.

Back to the real work...

We're putting music together and it's a ton of work.  Many of the arrangements we have are for quartet or even sextet, but the larger orchestra ensembles we'll have require as many as 16 different parts.  So whatever isn't there arleady, needs to be written out.