Qtango Fest

We've been talking for a very long time about putting together a live tango music festival for dancers.  The challenges were not only the costs, but of course, tango musicians were harder to come by five years ago.  

In the last several years though, there have been many successful tango programs and workshops offering a wealth of information and mentorship to aspiring tango musicians.  These workshops have seen many musicians come through their doors and the world of live tango music is blossoming throughout the world.  That may seem like a bold statement, but we've played with musicians from all over the world and that's the news we're hearing on a regular basis.  Along with numerous requests for more arrangements and sheet music. 

Qtango has been performing for dancers since 2008.  We've learned a lot along the way.  This is our opportunity to not only share what we've learned, but to continue building a community of musicians and dancers looking to support live tango music.   

We appreciate all your support in years past and look forward to seeing you here in Green Valley AZ for our next All Live Tango Music Festival.

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